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With OregonSaves, everyone benefits

OregonSaves is the state of Oregon’s retirement savings program that provides Oregonians with an easy and automatic way to save for the future.

OregonSaves is available to Oregon workers whose employers do not offer a workplace retirement plan, self-employed individuals, and others who want an easy way to save. Savers contribute to a convenient and portable Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that moves right along with them as they change jobs. Employers that don’t offer their own plan will register for OregonSaves by their deadline and ensure access to this beneficial program for their employees.

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Registration is open to eligible employers. Start now to help your employees save and plan for their future.


Make an investment in your future. With OregonSaves, it’s easy to save and plan for your retirement dreams.

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Benefits to help you succeed


  • Getting started is fast, easy, and secure

  • There are no employer fees and no fiduciary responsibility

  • Role is limited to registering your business and submitting employee contributions

  • Works seamlessly with any payroll process

  • Stay competitive by offering a great benefit

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  • Get started automatically, or customize savings choices to meet your needs

  • Simplified investing with low fees

  • Flexible contribution levels

  • Portable accounts that go where your career goes

  • Access to online tools and real people trained to answer your questions

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“Now I’m saving with every paycheck.”

Autumn Borroz, Stylist, Annastasia Salon, Portland, OR

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